where are part numbers located


PCB only for the Alarm Kits prior to June 11th, 2012 is part #650335 and was used in the older 17 & 18 devices, 19, & pre June 2012 24/25's.
This circuit board will NOT work on the updated 24/25 Alarm Kits that released June 11th, 2012.
To clean the platen on a hand reader, apply a Windex-like product with a clean, soft cloth and allow it to air dry.  The hand reader platen overlay has an anti-microbial surface.  Should ...
See attached table: Schlage 692/672 Parts Cross ref
The spring itself is not replaceable, you would need to replace the 19 centercase assembly.
The 17, 18, & 19 devices use the same dogging assembly part #610480.
The 710095-00 (85445-900) and 84570-900 are the older Sr. Swing analog (non-digital) control.  It is replaced by the current Sr. Swing digital control box. If you need to replace an old ...