when did primus launch


Primus XP was released on 11/08/2007 with the following highlights: The XP is patented until 2024. Primus XP has the addition of a new #7 fingerpin with a unique angle combined with a new pocke...
Modular cylinder was launched July 26, 2010 and replaced the standard key-in-lever, mortise, and rim cylinders.     For a list of cylinders not affected by the modular cylinder design change cli...
LCN started putting on the green dials for the spring adjustment on the 4041's in 2001.
The MA was launched 4/1/10 and replaced the Falcon M lock.
The KS series was introduced in 2005.
HIGH SECURITY Primus/Primus XP: In addition to six cuts for standard locking mechanism, there are five side finger pins to operate the secondary sidebar lock. Primus keys will operate non-Pri...
The 6 digits stamped on the key can be referenced by the Key Control group to identify the system.  Please call 877-671-7011 option 1, option 1 and request the Key Control.