what wire size for electrified hinge


The hole should be drilled in the field once the end cap is located on the door.  It is a 5/8" hole, that is located 5/16" from the end of the mechanism case. See installation instruction of t...
Swing clear hinges are available with TW (through wire).
The Security Stud and TW4/8 (through wire) options are in the same location on a hinge and cannot be ordered together.
Since most wire transfer devices such as an EPT or electric hinges cannot provide large gauge wires, we take the small gauge wire into account when determining the overall wire size for the device....
EPT power transfer preparations are not available on the Paladin PW14-Series door and FP14-Series frame. Electrified hinges are available on the Paladin PW14-Series door a...
Recommend at least a 4 wire hinge and double up the wires for EL application.