what power supply is needed with CX & RCM


CX, DE5101, RCM, DE (390DEL, DE5101, CX, RCM, 390+DEL, 101+, 101+ Series)
Following information determine number of the Chexit devices that were shipped prior to 8-24-2015 from the factory with solenoid driven can be hooked up to a single Von Duprin PS873 or PS914 p...
Chexit motor driven devices shipped after 8-24-2015:You can use 1 Chexit device with PS902, 3 Chexit devices with PS904, and 4 Chexit devices with PS914 or PS906 power supplies with proper gau...
Fire alarm contact would tie right into the Von Duprin Chexit device not to the PS914 power supply. There is no requirement to install the fire alarm board.