What is von duprin pa prefix?


To order Von Duprin exit device reference the "Additional information/How to order" section in the Von Duprin catalogs. All Von Duprin device series Catalogs are available on website.
When placing an order for a 4041/4040XP Rw/PA with hold open, it would be ordered as a 4041 /4040XP Hw/PA. For an existing Rw/PA requiring the addition of a hold open function, a hold open arm woul...
The 4041 Rw/PA and the Hw/PA have the same template.  The only difference is the arm. The 4041/4040XP Hw/PA, if mounted to the 180° template, will hold the door open at 180°. Rw/PA is Regular A...
The Rw/PA arm is simply a regular arm that is packed with a 62PA (parallel arm) shoe, which will allow a (Tri-Pack) closer to be mounted in a regular, top jamb, or parallel arm application.
The 62A shoe is used when it is necessary to install the door closer (lower) down on the door so that it will operate under accessories such as overhead stops, coordinators, etc.