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arm part
PA Mounting, Parallel Arm Mounting
Attaches forearm to frame or door face in a double lever arm system
The 1460 Regular Arm part numbers are: Regular Arm -- 1460-3077 or 1460-3077L for long arm (must specify finish). Regular Arm with PA -- 1460-3077PA (must specify finish). Regular Hold Open Ar...
STANDARD ROD AND SHOE: 4020, 4031, 1460, 1520, 1370, 1070, 1260, 4640, 4820 is: 8 3/8” LONG ROD AND SHOE: 4020: 4031, 1460, 1520, 1370, 1070, 1260, 4640, 4820 is: 12 3/8” STANDARD ROD AN...
The 62A shoe is used when it is necessary to install the door closer (lower) down on the door so that it will operate under accessories such as overhead stops, coordinators, etc.
The 419 panel adaptor is the replacement for both the obsolete 145 shoe, and 418 panel bracket (both were made obsolete in 2009). The 419 panel adaptor is 4" wide, 2" tall, and projects 3". ST-069...
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