what is mullion


A vertical bar or divider in the frame between doors or other openings such as the metal narrow rail between glass storefront doors.
The HH9954 is the only Von Duprin hurricane impact-rated mullion. Hurricane ratings vary by location and application. Be sure to check with the local authority and/or the Regional Allegio...
Steelcraft does not manufacture 12 gage closed section mullions. The maximum is 14 gauge. Steelcraft can provide the outer perimeter  (open sections only)  of a transom frame in 12 gage material. ...
  The Legacy wall mounted readers are replaced as shown in the table below:  The MTMS15 and MTMSK15 did not have any prior models that it replaced.
The KR54-F is used on electrified mullions (panic and fire) because it has a route for the wires.
All read ranges are affected by the environment the reader and card are subjected too.  The following data was obtained in a relatively "noisy" RF area with the reader mounted on a metal ...