what is lp on trim


Schlage does not recommend cutting the L or LP section key blanks in the field.  Below are some details. Non Primus: In the classic family of keyways the "L" key section is the highe...
Choose the appropriate full size control key from the selection below.
Classic Conventional Key Blanks and Cut Keys Part Number Description Key Blanks 35-056 Control Standard bow, embossed both sides 35-076 Standard bow, unembossed both s...
A 1 1/4" mortise with straight cam similar to the Schlage B502-191 is needed when using Von Duprin 9975 mortise device with 996L-M trim.
All Von Duprin 370 Series trims require a 1 1/4" mortise cylinder with a straight cam.
Von Duprin does not offer any of the danmark lever designs by Schlage.