what is handed


Right Hand, Left hand
The Flair design handing must be specified when ordering a complete lock or just the lever.
The 912L trims produced after 2/28/2011can be re-handed in the field. See appropriate 912L instructions at 912L instructions for trims after 2/28/2011For 912L instructions on trims prior ...
The Falcon FA arm is a non-handed arm similar to the LCN EDA arm.The Falcon FA-HO arm is a handed arm similar to the LCN HEDA arm.
The RU lock is factory handed for a Left hand or Right hand door.   For reverse handing ( Left hand reverse and Right hand reverse doors) see step 9 of the installatio...
The 4110 closer is handed, and will have an "RH" and "LH" on the casting next to the closer shaft. The regulating valves are going to be on the same side as the hand of the closer.