What is function EO


To add a cylinder to the 98/99-EO rim device order a 110NL-MD for metal door or 110NL-WD for wood door with a standard rim cylinder and prep the door per template.
"BA" stands for basic assembly or what is now referred to as Exit Only(EO)
The devices are not built function specific and the exit only(EO) devices will accept any of the 500 series trims.
Apartment Corridor Lock function is defined as a lock where the latch bolt operated by lever from either side, except when outside lever is made inoperative by a stop or mechanical means other than...
L9080 is a mortise Storeroom Lock Latchbolt retracted by key outside or by knob/lever inside. Outside knob/lever is always inoperative. Auxiliary latch deadlocks latchbolt when door is clo...