what is current for an EL solenoid


The part number for the solenoid for the 1690/1790/2390 is 971687-00 and for the 1490/1590 is SOLENOID.142 (which is 971687-00 with a machined bracket).  The solenoid characteristics are the s...
The solenoids are different.  The current standard EL solenoid and mounting bracket is a one piece unit. The bracket is crimped into the front of the solenoid. This solenoid and plunger has no mech...
The best way to test the Von Duprin EL solenoid is with an ohm meter. You must test both coils to make sure the solenoid is good. The coil has three wires; green, yellow, and orange. The green...
The Falcon EL devices can be operated in a continuous duty cycle.
The EL94/95 Inpact solenoid is different than the EL33A/35A/98/99 solenoid. The part for the Inpact solenoid is 113189.  
As of 1/16/2013, the 113189-00 EL INPACT SOLENOID/PLUNGER ASSY is no longer available.