what is an EL device


EL only retracts the latchbolt or vertical rods/latches. ED retracts the latchbolt or vertical rods/ latches and the push pad of the device at the same time.
 Electric latch retraction, EL, devices are only available in 24VDC.
The old MPB842 power supply will power up to two EL electric panic bars but will not power the QEL devices.  A defective potted module inside the electric panic bar or defective power supply coul...
The potted circuit breaker for the Von Duprin EL device does the switching from the 16 amp pull coil on the solenoid to the .33 amp holding coil of the solenoid.
The Von Duprin EL devices are rated for continuous duty.
This is available.  You will need the SD center case kit, SD center case cover, and EL conversion kit.