what does push side mean


Face of door on stop side of frame
The 4040SE uses the regular arm for any Push Side mounting (minimum 28" door width). ST-2788 (a special arm and track) can be used to mount a 4040SE on the Push Side of a smaller (narrow) door. Sm...
The Senior Swing will work with Cam Lift Hinges as a PUSH SIDE MOUNT 9542/9553/9563 only. Maximum 3/4" lift. Maximum 15 pounds force to push door up the Cam Lift Hinge. Cam Lift Hinges WILL NO...
Astragal must be applied to pull side of active leaf, since placing the stragal on the inside of the inactive leaf will interfere with the active door closing.
The 4040SE is non handed and can be mounted on the push or pull side of the door.