what comes in an WSM srew pack


 The 9530-MS screw pack is the Sr. Swing Pull Arm Screw bag and it includes; roller (1), MS (2), WS (2), Hex cap arm screw (1), washer (1), and rivet nuts (2).
For motor driven Chexit devices shipped from the factory after 8-24-2015, the RX switch is replaceable as part number 116717-00. Note:  A slight change to the plastic housing was ad...
For solenoid driven Chexit devices shipped from the factory prior to 8-24-2015, the RX switch is no longer available.  This part was discontinued in 2019. If the older version Chexit RX s...
The push bar end cap is only included in the push bar replacement/retrofit kit (PBKIT) because the end caps are riveted to the push bar.   
How to order:  specify devise type, size, and finish.  Example: PBKIT 33A 3' US28
ALK kit comes with standard RX switch. It can be ordered without the RX switch or with LX switch as an option.
The conversion kit does not contain a new mechanism case cover plate.  If a cover plate is desired, you would need the Fire or Less Dogging Cover Plate for EL/QEL conversion kit and Panic cove...