von duprin xp and electric strike


This is not a recommended application as the electric strike does not have the same holding force as the XP98/99 rim exit device. Typically the XP device will withstand a higher force than electr...
Von Duprin does not recommend using XP98/99 devices with any electric strike.   Von Duprin recommends using the standard 98/99 rim device.   
The Von Duprin XP98/99 device uses a different strike than standard 98/99 device. The 909 strike is for non fire rated XP devices and the 954 strike is for the fire rated XP device. 49/9954 mul...
Order the 4854 mullion 'BLANK' x size x finish
The strike will always be DC.  By using a SO24 or SO12(rectifiers) you will be able to convert the AC waveform from a transformer to a DC waveform that will be acceptable by the 6000 series strikes.
Von Duprin surface mounted 6300 electric strike paper template and installation instruction are provided with the electric strike. See attached https://us.allegion.co...