Extra Long Rod
The circuit board is sometimes referred to as a "module" in the field.
 EL devices are wired to the Senior Swing, using the P10 (761465) cable.  Connect the "GRAY" wire to the SC terminal on the 900-2RS card in the Von Duprin Power Supply and the "VIOLET" wire to the ...
It can but the solenoid will need to be purchased through New England Door Closer as the factory discontinued the old ELR solenoid (part #650092-000) in June 2010.
Electric Latch Retraction(ELR) option for the 19 Series was discontinued in December of 2006.
The resistance readings for a Falcon 24 or 25 Series EL solenoid should read;Green to Yellow = Pull Coil, should measure between 1 and 2 ohms of resistance. Green to Orange = Hold Coil, s...
As of Feb. 23rd 2011 Falcon RDS-2 power supply has been discontinued and no longer available.
The older ELR 17/18 device would have to replaced with a new EL-24/25 device and use the PS914 with either the 900-2RS or 900-4RL board.