Von Duprin electrified trim


Existing Von Duprin LP373L-BE trim can't be electrified. You can order an E-LP373L-BE trim. LP373L-BE or E-LP373L-BE trim is used with Von Duprin 94/95 series Inpact devices.
 The Von Duprin 360L trim can be ordered with an electric option.  This trim will not have key over ride when it is electrified.  Existing 360L can't be converted to electric trim.  Order E360...
There is no FSA/FSE electrified trim option for the Flacon 24 Series device.
The only electric trim that is used with the 98/99 series exit device that Von Duprin offers is E996L lever trim.
E996L electric trim is used to lock or unlock the lever trim for the 98/99 series exit devices.