Von Duprin Auxiliary Fire Pin


Auxiliary fire latch is tested only from door to door latching by Von Duprin. Some door manufacturers have tested our devices LBR and use additional fire latches to pass the fire test. Contact the ...
Installation should be 6" from bottom of the door. See attached templates as reference.  T-5494 for HM Doors W-5494 for Wood Doors
1400 degrees which is approximately 20 minutes after the fire starts.
Fire alarm contact would tie right into the Von Duprin Chexit device not to the PS914 power supply. There is no requirement to install the fire alarm board.
 The Basic PS914 power supply will not accept a 900-FA fire alarm board. 900-8F option board is required with PS914 power supply to accept 900-FA fire alarm board (900-8F is an adaptor board for...