Von Duprin ALK EI standard?


The current Von Duprin ALK comes standard with the External Inhibit feature.
Current exit alarm ALK released in November 2010 does ship standard with an EI (external inhibit) option.  ALK shipped prior to this would only have EI if ordered as a Special option.
AR1 is Auto-Reset 1.5 minute, AR3 is 3 minute, or AR6 is 6 minute option processed through engineering specials on a Von Duprin exit alarm ALK.
ALK kit comes with standard RX switch. It can be ordered without the RX switch or with LX switch as an option.
The Von Duprin exit alarm ALK draws about .25 amp. PS902 power supply powers up to 8 exit alarm ALK. PS904/914 powers up to 16 exit alarm ALK. PS906 powers up to 24 exit alarm ALK.