Vivint and Zwave deadbolt connection


Yes, you must first connect the BE469 to the Nexia or other z-wave hub and then connect to Google Home.
Solenoid: Black (2 wires) RX (monitors both sides) Normally Open: Green (pin 6 when connector included) Common: Orange (pin 5 when connector included) The current version o...
AD300 locksets MUST have hard power to operate.
Connect 12VDC or 24VDC power supply to the AD300 lock before attempting HHD communication.
CO Reader Modules are not individually replaceable, nor can they be swapped between locks. The inside and outside assemblies of a CO lock are a matched/mated set and cannot be swapped to change rea...
If the  AD300  power is not correctly connected it may not communicate or other wise function correctly.The AD-Series locks must be hard wire powered through the comm board. It is not com...