video changing hands


The 4010 door closer is handed and they are not field reversible.
The Windstorm device is handed.  It is reversible by ordering and installing the appropriate handing of center case.  The center case is handed because both vertical rod linkages must m...
See attached instruction for re-handing the 996L/E996L trim.     Click Here: Trim Re-Handing   See page 2.
Standard and Full Size I/C mortise cylinders on the L9485 and L9486, Hotel or Restroom Locks, use the concept of a ward ring to lock out all change keys once the deadbolt is thrown. Instead of a fu...
HANDINGA stop ring is installed on the right side for right hand operation and on the left side for left hand operation.  Right hand shown below.
Changing the hands is not an option.  Recommendation is to replace the E376L trim with the correct handing.
On a biometric F-Series or E-Series hand reader, the desired row (r) value and column (c) value should each be zero (0), plus or minus 2.  The desired exposure (e) value sh...