Unreachable using remote access


The PIB300/PIB301 should be located as close as possible to the Access Control Panel.  Do not exceed 500 feet.
Wiring distance from the PIB300/301 to the AD300/301 locksets may be up to 1000 feet (18AWG) for Power and up to 4000 feet (24AWG) for the RS485 data lines.
See the User Guide instructions in the links below
Dynamic Channel Switching is a feature of the Schlage AD-series wireless access point modules. Dynamic Channel Switching (DCS) increases the robustness of the wireless RF communication in a noisy r...
  Here is a Technical Note on what Dynamic Channel Switching is, what it improves, how to set-up, and frequently asked DCS questions. DCS Tech Note here  
Setting Dynamic Channel Switching   1)     Connect and couple the SUS to the PIM400 you intend to change. See the SUS User Guide for details   2)     Under “PIM Properties” and the “Edit” tab is ...