under invert cam


To change the function from TL to NL on 360L trim, invert the cam on the mortise cylinder.  See the 360L instructions:https://us.allegion.com/content/dam/allegion-us-2/web-documents-2/InstallI...
The cam is not inverted on the mortise cylinder for the CD option.
Von Duprin KR (key removable) mullions requires a 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" mortise cylinder with the standard straight cam, the cam is not inverted. Please see chart below for part numbers. 
 A 1 1/4" cylinder with straight cam is required for the Von Duprin SD (Special Dogging) exit device option.
The cylinder cam must be inverted with the SD option to work properly.
To convert the Von Duprin 360L/TL from nightlatch to classroom or from classroom to nightlatch invert mortise cylinder cam.
To change the 360L from TL (classroom) to NL (Night Latch) function invert the cam on the mortise cylinder. See attached instruction. 360L Instruction