UL rating on fire doors for falcon


High Definition (High Def) door panel designs have deeper shadow lines than conventional CE-Series designs. CE-Series doors are available with optional High Definition (HD2 and HD2A) door panel de...
Yes, Steelcraft doors and/or frames are available and can carry a UL, WH or FM label. The type of fire label (UL, WH or FM) is dictated by the specifications and local building code. Doors ...
The AD and CO locks both have a 3 hour fire door rating. Please see URL for more info.  UL Fire Rating List
ASTM E-119 is a test standard for walls, partitions and floor or roof systems: This test standard is also used for ceramic type glasses when used as window wall and/or borrowed light frames. ...
615R is not a door closer model number. It is a UL number for the Falcon SC Series closers.
Yes, the Falcon SC Series closers have a UL listing.