tubular hollow L lock lever


The part number is the 09-402, specify the design and finish.
The E7500 electric mortise lock body supplied on E98/9975 devices require active trims (L, L-BE, TP, TP-BE, K, or K-BE) to retract the latch after the electronic lock body unlocks.
The 93 style lever was discontinued in the third quarter of 2009. If replacing the 93 lever the closest design is the 03 lever.  
The differences in the levers are: The 93 used a conical bushing as the diameter was smaller than the 03 lever and was manufactured from bar stock The 03 uses a straight bushing and is cast Le...
The lever removal tool can be used to remove levers in both the ND and the L Series mortise locks.
On August 15, 2012 Schlage began shipping a new, more ergonomic, lever removal tool to coincide with Phase 1 of the ND-Series improvement project.  This tool can be used for Schlage ND-Series ...
Beginning January 2, 2013 Schlage will offer the Latitude (LAT) and Longitude (LON) levers in the 629 and 630 stainless steel finishes.
The square block is probably the springcage assembly, L283-040.  This component has an internal spring to keep the lever in the horizontal position.