trim double cylinders


For standard (non-IC) cylinders, use the Falcon #4 straight cam For IC cylinders, use the Falcon #5 cam 
You must use the drive bushing that is supplied with the 179L control trim.  It is different from teh 1790 bushing.
Step 3 and 4 of 179L Instructions will show the old drive bushing being removed & the new drive bushing getting installed
Von Duprin does not supply cylinders keyed alike.   Cylinders keyed alike are available from Schlage and Falcon.
Inside cylinder locks and unlocks the outside trim, such as thumb piece, knob or lever.  Outside cylinder functions as an NL when inside cylinder locks the outside trim.Double cylinder fe...
All Von Duprin 370 Series trims require a 1 1/4" mortise cylinder with a straight cam.