torx tool for mortise


A service kit is available, part number 40-223.  Product description available HERE. 
AL-Series and discontinued D Lever-Series locks use castle nuts to hold the chassis to the spring cages and to keep the chassis positioned in the door. This causes confusion at times when the lock ...
Within CDT (Configuration and Demonstration Tool), the usable COM port range is 1 - 6.
The software will not allow higher COM ports to be used.
If your computer has set the COM port for the serial connection to higher than 6, the setting must be adjusted in device manager to a lower port to enable CDT to communicate with the PIM.
Pricing information is not a part of the Knowledge Center data. For all hollow metal price comparisons please e-mail the Steelcraft Estimating Team. For your reference, the e-mail address...
The lever removal tool can be used to remove levers in both the ND and the L Series mortise locks.
On August 15, 2012 Schlage began shipping a new, more ergonomic, lever removal tool to coincide with Phase 1 of the ND-Series improvement project.  This tool can be used for Schlage ND-Series ...
Only the lever return spring is available.
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(2) SCREW, TORX, T-15, #8-32 UNC 2A, UNDERCUT, FLAT HD, MACHINE,  1/4" LENGTH (2) SCREW, TORX, T-20, #12-24 UNC 2A, UNDERCUT, FLAT HD, MACHINE,  1/2" LENGTH (2) SCREW, 8-32 X 3/4 MS PIN TORX (1)...