template for exposed rod panic


See the installation instructions 718 for -C devices.
Templates for current 718 series trim can also be found on Falcon website
The following items may cause the exit devices top latch from being held in the retracted position. 1. The top or bottom rods are out of adjustment. 2. The top latch hold back...
Following exit devices 2227/F, 33/3527A/F, 33/3547A/48A/F, 98/9927/F and 98/9947/48/F have similar rod adjustment procedures. All top latches control the bottom latch assemblies. When do...
Vertical Rod latch that secures a panic device to the top frame
Yes, for Panic devices only by ordering the top rod kit part #050574, bottom rod kit part #050575, and screw pack #090061. Fire Rated devices can NOT be converted and would require a compl...