SUS mobile app


Here are steps required to be able to transfer files from the PC to the Android device.  After you plug the phone into the computer (be sure to use the USB cable that came with your Andr...
The coin cell Nuisance Delay on CO200 and CO250 can be temporarily disabled using the Schlage Utility Software.
Once disabled via the SUS application, the CO lock will no longer delay the access for valid credentials.
If your CO lock began indicating a low coin cell (Nuisance Delay) after a door file has been downloaded, the coin cell is low and should be replaced. (CR2032)The coin cell Nuisance Delay will be "A...
The coin cell Nuisance Delay settings in the SUS application is not available until such time that a Door file is successfully downloaded to the lockset.
The coin cell is ignored when the lock sets are used with Manual Programming ONLY or while in Construction mode.
Connect to the lock with the saved network. Click on Settings, then under General click on Wi-Fi. Select Show Saved Network. With an iPhone: On the network you want to delete, swipe t...