steelcraft lite kit


Window kits are available for Steelcraft doors as either factory installed or prepared and installed by a distributor. Factory prepared light cutouts are supplied with Dezigner trim as st...
Doors are available with cutouts only. This practice is used for field installation of aftermarket (non-Steelcraft) glass trim by either the distributor or end user. The following information must ...
The EL retrofit kit will work with an old style 33/3547 exit device.
ALK kit comes with standard RX switch. It can be ordered without the RX switch or with LX switch as an option.
Cylinder dogging CD is not available with 22 series exit device.
There is not a conversion kit to electrify the LP373L lever control.  You need to order a complete E-LP373L-BE control through Engineering Specials.
The circuit board is sometimes referred to as a "module" in the field.