standard and restricted keyways


The 40-100 is a multiple tailpiece pack with a pre-assembled, 0-bitted, key-in-knob cylinder.  The kit includes the following: (1) Pre-assembled cylinder 0-bitted, less tailpiece 40-100 (...
The pack is available in all keyways, Everest and Classic families including restricted keyways except Primus. 
A PO from a distributor with a letter of authorization from the end user.
Schlage Everest B keyways are restricted SFIC keyways.
The standard cylinder keyway that comes with the 914KIL trim is a Schlage 6 pin "C" section.
Schlage changed to the Everest 29 default keyway on March 4th, 2013. At that time, Everest 29 S123 became the default keyway for all Schlage locks. Everest product is still available but must be sp...