SS with ALK


Depends on what is being ordered; SS can stand for either the "Signal Switch" or the "Silk Screen" push bar. The SS (Signal Switch) and ALK (Exit Alarm) sit in the same location in the exit devi...
The new exit alarm ALK uses the 24VDC regulated PS902 power supply.
The PS9 power supply was discontinued.  The new exit alarm ALK can either use a 9VDC battery or 24VDC regulated power supply. There is no direct replacement for Von Duprin PS9 power supply. Cur...
ALK kit comes with standard RX switch. It can be ordered without the RX switch or with LX switch as an option.
The Von Duprin exit alarm ALK shipped after November 2010 are new style boards and can be identified by the 3 terminal blocks and LED.  Only these ALK will work with 24vdc power supply.
The current Von Duprin ALK comes standard with the External Inhibit feature.
The standard exit alarm ALK devices are not available with dogging option. The device can be ordered through Engineering Special with dogging option on non fire exit devices. This special is o...