Spring transom bolt


When using 98/9927 with flush transom above: You will need to use a 260U strike for flush transom applications OR a 260U-F strike for 98/9927-F fire rated device.
The part number for 88 rim end case spring is 090003-00 (PKG of 2) or 090080-00 (PKG of 10) and latch tail spring is 050393-00 (PKG of 10).
The spring itself is not replaceable, you would need to replace the 19 centercase assembly.
The only parts that are available for 34/58 for mortise lock bodies are: 091032 Aux Bolt Spring Pack of 10 091031 Dog Spring Pack of 10 091030 Thumb Spring Pack of 5
  The regulation valves are designed to adjust the flow the hydraulic fluid in the closer which regulates the door closing speed through various phases of the closing cycle. The regulati...
The Von Duprin 2670 Guard X does not have a spring loaded latch bolt, it is a dead bolt and will not operate with any electric strikes.
Removable transom bars are available for non-rated frames. A closed section mullion available. Special clips to attach to frame sold separately. Removable transom bars are not approved or avai...
Overhead Concealed door closers are used to provide a more aesthetic look to the opening.  Concealed in either the frame or the door Offer the ability to be adjusted to maintain...