solenoid on EL device


If mechanism cover plate causes the EL solenoid to drop when slid over the solenoid, the solenoid plunger requires adjustment.  You must lengthen the rod by turning the hex nut in front of the plun...
The EL94/95 Inpact solenoid is different than the EL33A/35A/98/99 solenoid. The part for the Inpact solenoid is 113189.  
As of 1/16/2013, the 113189-00 EL INPACT SOLENOID/PLUNGER ASSY is no longer available.
To keep the Von Duprin electric latch retraction EL or QELA exit device dogged (retracted) all day, have your access control, Key pad, key switch, fire alarm contact or any other signals ...
It can but the solenoid will need to be purchased through New England Door Closer as the factory discontinued the old ELR solenoid (part #650092-000) in June 2010.
The Falcon EL devices can be operated in a continuous duty cycle.
The best way to test the Von Duprin EL solenoid is with an ohm meter. You must test both coils to make sure the solenoid is good. The coil has three wires; green, yellow, and orange. The green...
The threaded bushing on the solenoid plunger requires 8-9 threads showing to operate correctly.