Schlage FSIC part number


On ND-series locks manufactured on or after January 30, 2017:The ND FSIC lever part number is 03-232.  You will need to specify the design and finish.
On ND Series locks manufactuered prior to January 30, 2017:The ND FSIC lever part number was 03-032.  
The Schlage full size construction control key part number is 48-056-ICX.  The ICX suffix will change depending on if the key is for a new job or existing job.   New jobs: Specify "ICX"  E...
Choose the appropriate full size control key from the selection below.
Classic Conventional Key Blanks and Cut Keys Part Number Description Key Blanks 35-056 Control Standard bow, embossed both sides 35-076 Standard bow, unembossed both s...
There are two parts that can be referred to as control pins for a 23-030 (FSIC core).C603-967 is the lower control pin that sits in the seventh hole of the FSIC plug. (part B in exploded view) ...