reverse handing on classroom cylinder


The 55 devices are handed, but they can be reversed in the field by following the reversing instructions.
The 25-V is shipped handed, but is field reversible. See step 11 of attached instructions for reversing handing, 25-V Instructions.
Standard and Full Size I/C mortise cylinders on the L9485 and L9486, Hotel or Restroom Locks, use the concept of a ward ring to lock out all change keys once the deadbolt is thrown. Instead of a fu...
HANDINGA stop ring is installed on the right side for right hand operation and on the left side for left hand operation.  Right hand shown below.
The Von Duprin E996L electric trim is field reversible. See attached 996L installation instructions on page 2 for rehanding procedure.  996L Installation Instructions
Handing can be field changed, see step 3 of the 510L installation instructions.
The MA lock is field reversible.  The process involves three potential steps depending on what hand is needed. Rotating latchbolt - Changes swing of lock.  ex (RH to RHR) or insw...
Handing can be changed, see step 3 of the 1490 installation instructions.