Replacement for older closer


The replacement arms for the older handed 4010SE/4110SE closers would be ordered as: 4040SE-3077T x ST-3035 for a RH arm. 4040SE-3077T x ST-3035-1 for a LH arm. 
Neither Dor-O-Matic or LCN manufacturers a floor closer. 
The 1040 and 1050 are obsolete closers made in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. The 1260 or 1460 will work as replacements, but they are not direct replacement.
The LCN direct retrofit for the Obsolete 303 OHC closer was the 330 series, it was discontinued in 2009. The 3030 closer door closer body can be used as a replacement cylinder. 
The 4010 Series "fixed" sized springs are no longer available. The 4010 Series closer are now available as a 4011 and a 4016. The 4011 is an adjustable spring closer for sizes 1-5. The 4016 is stil...
The 2010 and 2030 closer are not the same. The 2010 Series closer uses the (larger) 4010 cylinder which requires a 4" minimum frame tube to mount in. The 2030 uses the (narrow) "Pacer" cylinder...
Yes, as long as you stay with the like style arm.  Example: replace an RW/PA with HW/PA, replace an EDA with HEDA, or replace a CUSH with HCUSH.
The HSA is an electrically controlled closer/holder designed to provide easy passage for groups of pedestrians through high traffic doors. - In 2006, we changed the Scanner in all HSA units to a s...
The 1260 closer body has the same footprint (9-1/16" x 3/4") and it mounts in the same location as the 1070 body, but the arm will have to be moved slightly to match the 1260 templating.
 The P1070 was replaced with the 1261 Rw/PA.