re key kit


The current tools, pinning kits and key originating machines for all Schlage Everest full size cylinders and small format cores are the same used on Everest 29.
The Von Duprin 4754, 4854, 9954, and 9854 mullions can be converted or ordered with key removable option. KR54-F kit is the conversion kit to convert the above mullions to key removable mullion.
The part number for hex dogging conversion kit for 99 devices is 050114.
CO Reader Modules are not individually replaceable, nor can they be swapped between locks. The inside and outside assemblies of a CO lock are a matched/mated set and cannot be swapped to change rea...
The XQ06-878 is used to stamp "DO NOT DUPLICATE" on a key.
Von Duprin offers two options:   The CDSI/HDSI Dogging Indicator provides an at-a-glance verification of the status of the door from inside of the room. Visible “LOCKED” and “UNLO...