rated polystyrene auto door bottom


Insulated Core Options: Steelcraft L-Series doors are available with the following 2 optional insulated cores: Polystyrene slab - this core is available in non fire rated and fire rated doors...
Polystyrene Cores: The L-series door with polystyrene core insulation and the CE-series door have full slab polystyrene core.Polyurethane Cores: The L-series door with polyurethane core has honeyco...
Yes, an automatic operator can be installed on a Dutch door. The operator must be installed on the top leaf of the Dutch door. Only the top half will open unless the top and bottom leaves (se...
Standard Doors: standard inverted bottom channels will accept the following manufactures automatic door bottoms: National Guard (320) Pemko (420) Zero International (355/354)
Special (custom) option: a special/optional end channel that will support the following manufactures: National Guard (422/423/522) Pemko (443) Zero International (360/364).
Installation should be 6" from bottom of the door. See attached templates as reference.  T-5494 for HM Doors W-5494 for Wood Doors