QEL and LX


The attached table shows the part numbers for LX-RX and LX-RX-LC switches field installed.
The following could cause the QEL device to retract and release repeatedly: If this is a vertical rod type device, the vertical rods could be adjusted too short. Check rods for dead locking, ...
You may have a defective motor bracket, defective base plate or vertical rod could be out of adjustment.
Applies only to Von Duprin QEL exit devices shipped after December 11th, 2014.1.0 amp inrush and a 0.14 amp holding current.
The QEL exit devices that were shipped prior to August, 2012 will only communicate to the PS873 with 871-2Q option board or PS900 series with 900-2Q option board. If you...
Improper mechanical adjustment or QEL calibration could cause the QEL cycle three times with solid LED and not work. First check mechanical adjustment on vertical rods or mortise lock device and co...