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The aluminum plates with a threshold rest  such as #268, 68, 168, 105 & 106-can be spot welded. When multiple plates are being used with a connector like #269 or 469,  these can als...
Cam lift hinges are not necessary on doors with auto openers.
A zero bitted Falcon SFIC core is combinated for the control key to be cut at all 4's.
For all Schlage and Falcon small format interchangeable cores shipped from the factory 0-bitted, the control key will be cut to all 4's.
Seals ordered with Zag are scored every 6" to assist with anti ligature sensitive  applications.
When using the 2361 in an application along with another piece such as 232/233/237 the 2361 is an anodized piece and does not match the mill finish of the other pieces exactly.  When they ar...