Primus id number on keyblank


  Part Number Level  Classic Primus 40-061 1  40-065 1 Plus  40-062 2  Classic Primus XP 40-061-XP 1 40-065-XP 1 Plus  40-062-XP 2 Everest Primus 40-06...
A Primus key can operate a non Primus cylinder as long as the keyway is the same or the key is a multi-section.  Additionally, the cylinder must be pinned to be operated by the top cuts of the Prim...
The 6 digits stamped on the key can be referenced by the Key Control group to identify the system.  Please call 877-671-7011 option 1, option 1 and request the Key Control.
Primus cylinders can only be operated with a Primus key.