power supply selection


The capabilities of the auto operator and the required operation of the opening will affect the selection of a power supply.
The 900-4RL has two out put for EL devices and signals to the auto operators to open the doors. PS914 power supply is required with 900-4RL option board to operate the EL device and auto operato...
Von Duprin PS914 x 900-4RL supports two EL with two auto operator.
The following items may cause the  PS900 series power supply to have no DC output voltage. 1. If  the DC voltage selection jumper is missing, the power supply will not provide any D...
The 900-4R is used with PS900 series power supplies. The 900-4R has four independent outputs and inputs with no time delay.  You can use any of these outputs with electrified hardware including EL...
The regulator on the main PS873 circuit board has failed.  Replace the PS873 with PS914 power supply.