pool gate nightlatch


The paper tape-on template is furnished in a cardboard tube with the exit device when it ships from the factory.  If the template-only is needed, it may be ordered as part number 47273677.
Most Panic devices are not designed for exterior applications. As with any mechanical device, exposure to the elements may affect the operation and life of the device and/or finish an...
The 6111 electric strike would work in this application with a blade stop spacer. The post that it is mounted in should be capped to protect the solenoid from the elements..
Though not designed for use in exterior applications, the 6111 electric strike will function with the 98/9952 series exit device.  Depending on the construction of the gate post, a blade sto...
The 4040XP/4041 Cush and HCush (Hold Open Cush) use the same instructions / template.
The Schlage Home App allows you to share access with other users. You each have to have your own Schlage account with your own email. The owner of the account must create a virtual key. To cr...