Part number for top vertical rod device


The top latch for a Fire rated surface vertical rod device is part #650375-00 which replaced the old part #F588.
The 050672 is the part number for rim or vertical rod device and 050673 for the mortise device.
Yes, the top latch for the 25-V carried over from the 18-V device. Surface vertical rod top latch = part #650389 or #650375(fire rated)
Up to 8' replace the top rod with part # 4270100018. 
From 8' to 9' use the part # 4270100172 extension rod kit
From 9' to 10' use part # 4270100197 extension rod kit. 
Hardware falling off a door is caused by one or all of the following issues: Field abuse Improper internal reinforcements in the door Improper field preparation The top or bottom rod case can...
The following items may cause the exit devices top latch from being held in the retracted position. 1. The top or bottom rods are out of adjustment. 2. The top latch hold back...
Following exit devices 2227/F, 33/3527A/F, 33/3547A/48A/F, 98/9927/F and 98/9947/48/F have similar rod adjustment procedures. All top latches control the bottom latch assemblies. When do...
The part number for 1690/1790 hex dogging shaft is shaft.101