part number for mullion cam


Von Duprin KR (key removable) mullions requires a 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" mortise cylinder with the standard straight cam, the cam is not inverted. Please see chart below for part numbers. 
The male and female receptacle wire assemblies (wiring hardness) are included in 48/9854 and KR48/9854 mullions. The wiring harness is the same in a 4854 and 9854 mullions. 105987 is the part n...
  The Legacy wall mounted readers are replaced as shown in the table below:  The MTMS15 and MTMSK15 did not have any prior models that it replaced.
The part number for a Von Duprin 4954 mullion bottom fitting is #050390.
Part numbers are: 4270903177 for 1 each CAM.102 for a package of 10
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