Fifth Screw, Parallel Arm Shoe, spacer
When using the 4111 with a bar style coordinator MB-mounting brackets ordered from IVES are required. The brackets wrap around the coordinator to provide a surface for mounting the parallel arm ...
The Rw/PA arm is simply a regular arm that is packed with a 62PA (parallel arm) shoe, which will allow a (Tri-Pack) closer to be mounted in a regular, top jamb, or parallel arm application.
Parallel Arm Shoe,
Shoe Spacer, Parallel Arm Closers, Aluminum Frame, Aluminum Store Front Frame
Regular Arm with Parallel Arm Shoe
Hold Open Arm with Parallel Arm Shoe
Regular Arm with Auxiliary Parallel Arm Shoe
EDA ARM - The EDA arm is a heavy duty parallel arm mount.  The degree of door opening is determined by the template used for mounting. EDA arm closers can only be mounted as a Push Side parallel ar...