optinal easy turn


The Schlage mortise cylinder coin turn is part number 09-900 XL12-196.  This cylinder coin turn in non-handed so it can rotate freely in both directions. Can be used with the L9496.  Coin turn wil...
L9040 locks WITHOUT indicator uses an emergency tool available in the price book, L583-233.L9040 locks WITH an indicator requires a small flat blade screwdriver.
The 09-900 mortise cylinder thumbturn has three handing options: right hand, left hand, and non-handed.  Handing of the cylinder is done by a check ball and spring placed in the housing a...
Also applies to the 09-900 XL12-196 mortise cylinder coin turn.
Order the 09-900 with the XB11-720 option.
The thumbturn measures 2.085" in length and is ADA compliant.
A Senior Swing operator can be hard to open manually if "Power Boost" feature is turned on, and programmed to the Cn (continuous) setting. To make the door easy to open manually, turn the "Power Bo...