operating multiple el retractors


The Von Duprin PS914-2RS retracts the EL or QEL device approximately 200 times with five second hold time after each pull.
The PS861 will not power an EL device.  The high 16Amp current of the EL requires the PS914-2RS, PS914-4RL or the older PS873-2 power supply to operate.
  For Product Shipped Prior to August 2012 using the old (black) potted module: a.       0-100 ft 14 gauge wire b.      0-200 ft 12...
The Von Duprin PS914 power supply must be used on the EL devices with either the 900-2RS or 900-4RL option board since the EL devices requires power supplies set at 24VDC to be able to provide the ...
  You can use a Von Duprin PS914 power supply with any of the following option boards depending on the application. 900-2RS board  will power 1 or 2 devices that do not require timing from pow...
The 900-2RS is recommended to be used with EL devices but if you have a 900-2Q with PS914 power supply it can be used to operate up to two EL or one EL and one QEL devices .
The 871-2Q or 900-2Q will operate the Von Duprin EL devices.
Yes, 871-2 option board is included in the PS872 power supply and  will power 1 or 2 EL electric exit devices.
The PS873-2 power supply will still operate the EL with new potted module.