opened lock case


The lock case can be re-handed, however, this requires opening up the lock case. See M lock re-handing instructions for a complete guide.
There are 3 styles of cases: 7500 mortise lock for 98/9975, 8875 5575 exit devices 7500-IN for 94/9575 inpact device
See Falcon MA lever assembly below: The spring mechanism (E) returns the lever to horizontal.  The parts are not sold separate, so if the lever sags, the entire lever assembly shoul...
Lever assemblies part numbers are found in the Pricebook.  Note they are handed.
Reference the L-Series Service Manual to change lock functions or build up a case from parts.
This Step-by-Step guide is specifically designed for the functions listed below, however, it can be referenced with a majority of L series functions since most of the parts are ...
See transformation document.